Shannon May
Shannon May
Very pleased with Scott's help on a case where we had a claim against a bankruptcy debtor. Scott monitored and got involved in the case as needed on our behalf, with an eye toward keeping our legal fees as reasonable as possible.
Scott is an outstanding attorney and was a huge help in advising me on a case. Very impressed how quickly he was able to dissect a complicated case and advise on best path forward.
Giovanny Alfaro
Giovanny Alfaro
Best of the best gets things done fast !!!!
I went to them and they really helped me and solved all my legal issues that I had so unexpectedly encountered.
David Branch
David Branch
Scott is an outstanding attorney. He helped negotiate a legal matter for me and did a fantastic job. This was not a Bankruptcy matter, but we did need help dealing with another attorney and a bank and he was thorough and detailed. The outcome was exactly what we wanted. Scott's a agreat communicator and kept me informed the whole way. In fact he was always calling me before I needed to call him. Great work Scott!
Douglas B Tunno
Douglas B Tunno
Great attorneys

What Our Clients Think

Scott is simply the best. He handled the closing on my house two years ago so hiring him again was a no brainer. Scott quickly and calmly handled attorney review, inspections, and a few surprises along the way. He was professional, responsive, and was the only reason the stressful sale process wasn’t complete misery. I would highly recommend hiring Scott for a real estate closing.

Sarah C.

As a senior citizen, I’ve had many attorneys handling various issues during the years. Not only did he help me with probate of my husbands will, but also selling my home and purchasing a condo. The man is reliable and goes the extra mile to make it all work. He helped me close on my condo in two weeks. I was delighted he moved so fast and made this happen. He is the only lawyer who ever called me on a weekend to help me. His assistant Marissa is top notch, very organized and can smooth over little doubts and fears. Don’t go anywhere else, he can do it all. I’m so happy with the results.

Joann B

I retained Scott Goldstein for my bankruptcy which is a very difficult and emotional thing to go through. From the minute I met him, He was professional, caring and he definitely knew his stuff. He walked me through every step of the way. I lost my husband suddenly and Scott jumped right in and not only brought us food and went to the wake, but he made sure we were taken care of. Very rare in this day and age. I would recommend Scott Goldstein for anyone and everyone I know. If you want to have someone who knows what he is doing and will do it with care and compassion, pick Scott.

Kathleen P.

Wills are never anything people want to do so when you finally decide to do it, you want to get it done quick. I met with Scott and he quickly got my information sent me the background information to complete and within a few days I was fortunate enough to have everything completed. I feel very relieved.


Scott Goldstein was there to help me through a very difficult period. I went from a Chapter 13 to a Chapter 7 and he walked me through the process every step of the way. He is a caring individual who takes pride in his work. He is responsive and quickly got the process going.


Our paths crossed in a crazy way but Scott Goldstein is the best lawyer I have ever worked with. So glad he is on my side! I have used his services for several different legal aspects and he was wonderful on all accounts

Beth S.

Mr. Goldstein was not only professional, he kept me informed as I went through my process. I had never gone through a bankruptcy and I was frightened and very nervous. He assured me that he would be with me every step of the way AND HE WAS! If I had a question, I could and did call and he was reachable. If he was in court with another client, he called back even on the weekends and in the evening. I strongly, strongly, recommend Mr. Goldstein. He was one in a million.


Scott Goldstein’s became a friend along the way, I highly recommend him!

Tony V.

There are times when you simply need help. The Law Offices of Scott J. Goldstein have done and are currently doing just that. Scott’s straight forward and very informative approach is perfect. Marissa, a Gem! Thank you both. I highly recommend their services.

Kyle C.

Scott helped me in a bankruptcy which if you are thinking of doing is a very stressful situation consisting of so much anxiety. Once I talked to Scott he explained everything clearly to me and said “don’t worry from this point forward”. And, I didn’t…. Scott took care of everything and for once I was able to breath and sleep finally. Nobody wants to find themselves in this situation but when you lose a job, try to make things right, scrape for any funds to not put you in this situation but still fall behind, you have no choice. But, Scott was the choice and now I can say I learned what to do and how to handle the stressful situations which will never happen again. I searched around and talked to others, Scott was the only one who took the real time to listen and put my worries in my back pocket. You won’t be disappointed with him or his staff by the way answered many questions.

Jack N.

Filing for bankruptcy can be very stressful and depressing but with Mr. Goldstein I felt a great relief that all was going to be ok. He provided me with excellent service and was very thorough with his work. Mr. Goldstein demonstrated to be very responsible and on top of things. His staff was also very helpful with papers that needed to be submitted, answering questions and making sure I took my pre-bankruptcy counseling classes. I also found him to be very punctual with appointments and our meeting at the court.


Scott helped me every step of the way in my bankruptcy case. He answered all my questions with patience and efficiency. I couldn’t ask for more in a lawyer. And i would recommend him in an an instant with no qualms!


Kind and truly empathetic, Scott took all the pressure off what could have been a truly horrific experience. Between his knowledge of key persons involved in the whole process and his individual attention to each client and their specific circumstances, I quickly came to realize that I was very lucky to have him assisting and representing me.


We would recommend Scott’s services to everyone who has an issue and is in need of a knowledgeable and compassionate attorney. My wife and I were in a situation that was embarrassing and nerve racking. The IRS was having their way with us. We didn’t know what to do. Fortunately our knight in shining armor was Scott Goldstein. Scott immediately got the process started and the Uncle Sam bullying stopped. We all sat down to put a plan in place where it would beneficial for us and our creditors. Obviously our communication was primarily business but that didn’t stop Scott to call and see how my wife and I were doing. We were always under the impression that all lawyers were ruthless and uncaring individuals. No so when dealing with Scott.


Scott advised me that I had a legal matter that he could help me with. I assembled all the related documents which he reviewed and assemble into the legal complaint.  In a very timely matter we received an out of court settlement offer which Scott negotiated to and amount which I could accept. I highly recommend Scott Goldstein.


Jack is a professional you need as your partner for all legal advice. I have known Jack for many years & when I need him, he is available with advice & immediate execution of the suggested plan that continues to exceed my expectations. Thank you Jack & Cindy!

Evelyn Grabinski

Scott Goldstein is “The Man”.He guides you through everything as a great attourney should. I went for my hearing last week . I have to say it went well because he did a great preparation. If you are pondering bankruptcy Scott is a great choice for representation.

Louis M.

I was lucky enough to have Scott Goldstein as my Bankruptcy Attorney, this is a man who when I was at my wits end and looking for a bankruptcy attorney scrolling through names on the internet on a Sunday I landed on his name left a message on his office number and was amazed he called me back on a Sunday while he was out with his family to find out how he could help! It was from that moment forward I knew THIS was the attorney I wanted representing me! Scott has been a direct, no nonsense, to the point attorney, handled my case in lightening speed and has always set me straight on the right path. I think of Scott and his Assistant Marissa as Godsends, were it not for the two of them I would still be drowning in a sea of debt I could never hope to emerge from. I not only recommend Scott J. Goldstein as the Attorney you want handling your bankruptcy or other issues but can state without fear of contradiction, if you choose anyone else well, you’re a damn fool! I owe my life and the future I now have ahead of me to this man and I will never forget what he did for me.

William M

Scott handled my Bankruptcy…. He made a difficult situation so much easier. He was always available when I had a concern. He is a kind and caring person in addition to being a Brilliant Attorney! He is currently representing me in an Estate matter regarding my late Father. He very quickly and efficiently resolved the main concern with the Estate and is continuing to guide me through the probate process. He is a life saver and I cannot thank him enough! When he represents you, he stops at nothing to protect and fight for your rights and your best interest.

Teresa M.

Mr. Goldstein is the very best at his profession. My bankruptcy discharge successfully took place in June 2016. Mr. Goldstein was there every step of the way and was available to answer questions. He has a very efficient staff who are also always there to assist. I highly recommend Mr. Goldstein.


Scott is a knowledgable attorney who goes the extra step to not only inform you fully but to protect you from all your creditors. He takes the time to do this right so you can get the new start your looking for and move forward in your life.


Scott is a solid lawyer who values his clients and is concerned with their well being. He is knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. He helped me get the clean start that I needed through a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, as well as a recent Short Sale of my home. I could not have done it without his help. He responds to my voicemails and emails with lightning speed which, to me, is further proof of his dedication to the cases he takes on. I could not have asked for a better person to work with and I would certainly recommend and refer him 100 times over.


After being totally mislead by our previous attorney and near being force converted into a chapter 7 due to it; at the 11th hour, we contacted Scott for help. Scott and his team jumped in and saved the day!!! Scott immediately identified paperwork that wasn’t filed correctly nor at all. Cleaned up and rectified the mess with the trustee. Most importantly, was timely, prompt, and to the point which is what cleaned up the filing mess we had. As a client, you know what you are going to get upfront from Scott. He is detailed and doesn’t cut corners when it comes to your case. There is no guessing whats needed of you bc Scott has already detailed it out before you get a chance to even have to think!! The peace of mind knowing the job is getting done, correctly, the first time it worth it’s weight in gold! I highly recommend Scott and his lawfirm. If I could give more stars, I would! Thank you Scott and to your team for the outstanding service you have provided.