Small Business Lawyer in New Jersey

Small business is the heart of the American economy, and like any heart, your small business needs to be kept healthy and beating. Businesses are organic, living things that require care and nurturing by their owners to grow and thrive.

This applies during start-up, ongoing operations and transition either from one generation to the next or to the next owner.

Law Offices of Wenarsky & Goldstein, LLC offers small businesses the services they need to start right, grow and endure change. From choosing the right corporate form for your personal and business situation to the eventual need to transition, we can advise and assist in almost any business situation. Our New Jersey business lawyers provide comprehensive legal services for almost all small business clients.

Sound legal advice is key to avoiding costly mistakes that can turn into large problems later.

Small Business Legal Services

We serve small businesses in the following areas:

  • Startup and formation.
  • Ongoing operations.
  • Closing and transition.

Choosing the right type of business formation can be one of the most important decisions. The choice of a business formation can have tax consequences as well as determine whether the owners will be protected from personal liability. Our New Jersey business law attorneys can advise on choosing the right type of business entity, such as limited liability companies, limited partnerships, family limited partnerships, or another type of business formation. Moreover, our attorneys can help with business contracts, contract negotiation, and other business matters you may face.

Once the business is formed, many business issues can arise in ongoing operations.

Our business law attorneys understand business. Moreover, they are experienced in navigating business legal minefields.

Eventually all businesses, even the most successful ones have to end. That can occur because of the owners’ retirement, business disputes with other firms, or financial legal challenges. The business dissolution process can be complex. However, a skilled business lawyer can make the whole procedure painless and legally compliant.

Please contact us if you are a small business looking for assistance in any of these areas.

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If you dream of starting your own business or growing your existing business to new heights, you may need help from skilled New Jersey business law attorneys. Because, even if you’re a small business, certain legal issues can still arise. Whether that’s a contract dispute or an employment law matter, a business lawyer can often provide quick and cost-effective resolutions.

Our law firm can assist clients with reducing the burden and stress that business owners feel daily. We can help you avoid business litigation, or if you are business partners stuck in a partnership that doesn’t work anymore. Our attorneys are experienced at representing businesses in many aspects of business legal matters.

Business law services at the Law Offices of Wenarsky & Goldstein encompass regulatory matters, entity formation, and strategic counsel. In other words, we offer small businesses the services they need to start right, grow, and successfully cope with change.

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